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Adelaide building consulting was established with one simple goal, to provide you with a service that will put the people in control, rather than the builders. We offer

100% Fixed Price Inclusion 100% Turnkey Homes

Adelaide building consulting Affordable homes program is the first of its kind to hit the Adelaide market, bringing together SA’s most affordable builders and exclusively affordable allotments packaged together with the help of additional concessions and grants not currently available to the public.

We Offer Simple Stress Free And Affordable Building Process

When it comes to building, Adelaide Building Consulting are your experts. We are trained and qualified to assist you with this volatile process and have the experience to make it all run smoothly with no nasty surprises.

House and Land Package

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Development Project Consulting

Have you got a project in mind but you aren’t confident you can find the team to get it done the way you want… Read More


First Home Buyers looking to build new home? Check your availability today with Adelaide Building Consulting… Read More

First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers looking to build new home? Check your availability today with Adelaide Building Consulting… Read More

Custom Design

Had something interesting in mind? Starting from a blank canvas is most exciting part to your building… Read More

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Build Exactly What You Want Without Any of The Hassle

Adelaide Building Consulting offers you customized package solutions tailored to your budget, design requirements and location. Doesn’t this sounds great? Well, ABC are through every step of the way.

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No more fear of big price blow outs, tailored to your budget, design requirements and location.
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What Makes Us The Preferred Choice

As building consultants, we are across all stages and requirements of the building process and deal with these on a daily basis. The process is sensitive in the sense that one single detail missed in the plans can cause problems to arise down the track.

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Congratulations your home is now ready and at this point you will pick up your keys. However, this is not the last time we will see your maintenance period will start. From this point on, if any minor problems are to occur, you will need to make note of each of them; your builder will be back after 3 months to fix them.

Practical Completion

you will be invited to walj through your house to inspect and identify areas you wish to fix. By the end of this stage your house is about 97% done.

2nd Fix

We are almost there: your home’s cabinetry and taps are being installed and your house is now complete from the outside.

Internal Walls

Rooms take shape, internal walls go up and the colour and shape of your house start to fill out.

External Walls & Roof

At this point, all of your colour combinations and ideas will be coming to life. Your external walls and roof will be visible.


It will take approximately 4 weeks for your frames to go up. Your house is starting to take shape!


The Foundation is expected to be completed within 4 weeks consisting of trending, plumbing and concrete pour. Some clients will have a slab party, others choose to have imprints of their hands on the slab.

Construction Start Date

From the start date, there are 6 stages of construction. At each stage you can expect the builder to send you invoices. You will need to sign and send them off for processing.

Full Council Approval

Once the council gives notice of approval and appropriate insurances are in place – your builder will issue you notice of a construction start date.


This is the fun part. It’s the part where you get to choose your colours and patentially add that little bit of luxury to your home. We will let you know when selections should be booked with your builder. Allow 4-5 hours for this session.

Council Planning Approval

Council approval is required before your home can be built. Broadly, council wants to know if your house fits on the chosen block of land (Planning Application) and if the house meets all building and licensing requirements (Development Application). You are now ready to start the Planning Application.

Lodge To Council

Now you are ready to lodge your plans for council approval.

Site Investigations

Council, the builder and the architech will need to understand the condition of your block. A review of the soil, site level and engineering is needed. His proceess can take up to 3 weeks.

Building Agreements

When you are happy with your concept drawings, we will proceed to the building agreement with your chosen building company. It should take about 7 days to create the agreement.

Concept Plans

Once you have accepted the sketched floorplans, an architect will transform this sketch into more accurate concept drawings. This should take no more than 5 days.