How it works!

Land grants, Government grants, and concessions are available to eligible new homeowners, in some cases allowing homeowners to purchase their first home with as little as $7,000 of their own money.

Find out how much in grants you qualify for

In order to see if you qualify for the grants, we need a little bit of information before we book a call.


Real Stories, Real Successes

Casey Tschirpig
Casey Tschirpig
The entire staff that we have had contact with have all been fantastic and super helpful. Our consultant was Dylan and he has been terrific. He helped us find our block of land and find a house plan that suited both our needs and budget. Nothing was too much trouble. He is easy to get hold of or quick to return calls if unavailable. Most helpful to us as first time home owners, he explained everything to us so that we understood it. We are now at the stage where we are getting ready to pour our slab and we have been getting fortnightly progress updates. Mu husband and I could not recommend them enough.
michelle foster
michelle foster
I have been working with my son as a first home buyer with this firm. Amiee has worked tirelessly to help us find the right place for my son. All the staff work well togeather and are really lovely to deal with. All questions are answered and are clearly explained so you undertsand every details along the way. Calls and emails are a constant and keep you in the loop at all times, along the way. They work well togeather with our Bank, Builder and Conveyancing Firm. WIll add photos once build is compleate.
Maggie Feuerherdt
Maggie Feuerherdt
We have had the pleasure of working with Aimee from Adelaide Building Consulting in building our first home. Aimee’s support and knowledge has been invaluable throughout this process, especially as not only first home builders but also first home buyers too. What we were anticipating to be a stressful process has been the exact opposite. Aimee has been extremely patient throughout our endless questions and has been efficient in her communications and liaisons with both us and the other parties involved. Aimee has gone above and beyond, replying to queries out of business hours, and meeting on days off / weekends to ensure we are not stressed or overwhelmed and are comfortable with the process. We are very excited to continue our journey with Aimee and Adelaide Building Consulting and cannot wait to see our new home! - Maggie and Jackson
Jemima Gustafsson
Jemima Gustafsson
I was looking into building my first home and really had no idea where to start. After meeting up with a broker and setting a budget I started visiting display homes, but I found the sales people quite full on and the information not very clear. I found ABC on and started meeting Tristan. Very relaxed and focused on what I wanted and my budget. Then very clear about how building our home could be achieved and the processes involved. Never felt rushed or pushed at all. The best is that as a night shift worker and a single Mum, I can’t always answer calls, but Tristan has been able to work with emails and text messages sent at all different crazy times. No trouble with communication at all.
Georgina Norsworthy
Georgina Norsworthy
Ive had a great experience with ABC and I'm really glad I used their services. Help has been there every step on my land purchase and build process. As a first home builder, Dylan answers my ridiculous question, without prejudice. Cant wait to get my keys!
Great and amazing service ABC made our Land&House package easy.Excellent communication and so friendly.Thank you Tristan we glad that we got wonderful support from you☺️

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Congratulations your home is now ready and at this point you will pick up your keys. However, this is not the last time we will see your maintenance period will start. From this point on, if any minor problems are to occur, you will need to make note of each of them; your builder will be back after 3 months to fix them.

Practical Completion

you will be invited to walj through your house to inspect and identify areas you wish to fix. By the end of this stage your house is about 97% done.

2nd Fix

We are almost there: your home’s cabinetry and taps are being installed and your house is now complete from the outside.

Internal Walls

Rooms take shape, internal walls go up and the colour and shape of your house start to fill out.

External Walls & Roof

At this point, all of your colour combinations and ideas will be coming to life. Your external walls and roof will be visible.


It will take approximately 4 weeks for your frames to go up. Your house is starting to take shape!


The Foundation is expected to be completed within 4 weeks consisting of trending, plumbing and concrete pour. Some clients will have a slab party, others choose to have imprints of their hands on the slab.

Construction Start Date

From the start date, there are 6 stages of construction. At each stage you can expect the builder to send you invoices. You will need to sign and send them off for processing.

Full Council Approval

Once the council gives notice of approval and appropriate insurances are in place – your builder will issue you notice of a construction start date.


This is the fun part. It’s the part where you get to choose your colours and patentially add that little bit of luxury to your home. We will let you know when selections should be booked with your builder. Allow 4-5 hours for this session.

Council Planning Approval

Council approval is required before your home can be built. Broadly, council wants to know if your house fits on the chosen block of land (Planning Application) and if the house meets all building and licensing requirements (Development Application). You are now ready to start the Planning Application.

Lodge To Council

Now you are ready to lodge your plans for council approval.

Site Investigations

Council, the builder and the architech will need to understand the condition of your block. A review of the soil, site level and engineering is needed. His proceess can take up to 3 weeks.

Building Agreements

When you are happy with your concept drawings, we will proceed to the building agreement with your chosen building company. It should take about 7 days to create the agreement.

Concept Plans

Once you have accepted the sketched floorplans, an architect will transform this sketch into more accurate concept drawings. This should take no more than 5 days.